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DHSMV Hearings

DHSMV Hearings in Orlando

Florida DUI Ten-Day Rule

You have only ten days following an arrest for DUI to take action and request an administrative hearing with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Otherwise, you will most likely be subject to an automatic driver's license revocation lasting anywhere from 180 days to a year if this is your first drunk driving offense. The process begins when the arresting police officer takes your driver's license and issues you a temporary permit, followed by notifying the DHSMV of the situation. An arrest for driving under the influence gives you two separate cases to fight: one in criminal court where the possible penalties include fines, community service and even jail, and another with the DHSMV where your license is at stake.

Let Us Defend Your Driver's License

An Orlando DUI attorney from Parks & Braxton, PA is ready to meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your arrest and begin working on a strategy to defend your driver's license. Our team has over 50 years of combined legal experience, and we have earned an outstanding reputation for our success in representing individuals who have been accused of drinking and driving. Don't delay in seeking our help before your ten-day deadline has run out-we are available nights, weekends and even holidays, 24/7.

What happens at a DHMSV hearing?

The administrative hearing is similar to a criminal trial, but is generally less formal and follows somewhat different rules of procedure. The hearing officer will study the evidence submitted by the police officer, whose presence is not required at the hearing. Your attorney will have the opportunity to introduce evidence, cross-examine witnesses and challenge issues such as whether there was probable cause to pull you over, whether you were demonstrably under the influence of impairing substances or whether the chemical tests which you performed were correctly administered and analyzed. Many people in your position lose their licenses because they give up hope of beating the charges, but with our guidance and dedicated representation, you may be able to preserve your driving privileges.

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To save your license, you must act within 10 days. Get in touch with our firm by calling 407.477.5000, or fill out the form below.

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