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How Strong Is Your Case

How Strong Is Your Case?

Evaluating Your Chances of Success

A large percentage of those who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs make one very large mistake: they give up any hope of fighting the charges. They think that because they failed a breathalyzer test or blood test, or demonstrated impairment while performing the standardized field sobriety tests, there is no way of possibly avoiding a conviction. This commonly leads the individual to accept a plea bargain which, though it prevents a jail sentence, is highly unfavorable for the defendant.

The fact is that nearly any DUI case can be successfully challenged, and many can be won, resulting in an outright exoneration or dismissal of the charges. Even if it is impossible to clear your name, an Orlando DUI attorney from our firm may yet be able to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in the penalty you could receive-the prosecutor's first offer for a plea bargain is almost never the best deal that can be made. If you are serious about securing the best possible outcome for your case, contact us at Parks & Braxton, PA. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience, we have frequently been featured on national news television and are often invited to provide lectures to other attorneys on topics such as "Dismantling the State's DUI Case," and "The Art of Winning a DUI Case with Motion Practice." We know how to evaluate your case for its strengths and weaknesses, and are ready to begin working for you immediately.

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With a track record that includes thousands of cases won, we have a wide variety of strategies at our disposal for fighting even the most serious charges. For example, if you failed a chemical test of your blood, we may be able to find gaps in the documentation which demonstrates the chain of custody of your blood sample, which raises questions about whether the tested sample is actually yours. Similarly, it could be possible to argue that the breath test equipment was improperly maintained and calibrated, making the test results unreliable. There are many ways to approach the situation, but you have to take the first step by contacting an Orlando DUI attorney at Parks & Braxton, PA for a confidential consultation.

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